How Termites Help Build Eco-Friendly Buildings

Architect Termite

Termite mount - Baringo

Termites are good architects, too. (Photo Credits)

Termites can really be a pain and hassle for any household. Imagine the damage it can do to a home, and the fact that fumigation services may even be needed to totally eradicate them.

Architects though see something good about termites as they can teach them how to build eco-friendly skyscrapers and buildings. A1 Fumigation San Diego

How? published an article on how termites inspire building professionals to design and construct environment-friendly structures.

“Mound termites, native to Africa, South Asia, and Australia, are pros at building self-regulating structures that maintain oxygen levels, temperature, and humidity. And now human architects and engineers want to adapt that ingenuity for their own designs.”

Read the rest of the article here.

Termites and Skyscrapers

Popsci even ventured to saying that termites come up with a solar-powered ventilation system that can also be adapted to human dwellings.

“Don’t worry, termites aren’t beating us when it comes to solar panel production. But they are using the power of the sun as a sort of makeshift ventilation system. A recent study published in PNAS found that some termites build mounds that circulate air by harnessing the warming power of the sun.”

Check out the rest of the post here.

Why so high

BBC tried to explain why termites build skyscrapers that are way too high.

“For decades, scientists have wondered why termites go to all the trouble of building mounds that, for some species, can be 30ft (9.1m) high. There have been hypotheses, but in recent years, new science has debunked some of them. Engineers, biologists, and architects that study termites are now developing a new theory to explain the spectacular mounds – and their findings may help revolutionise the way we construct our own buildings.”

Read the rest of the article here.

Have you ever seen a termite mound?


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